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Parship review is one of UK’s successful compatibility based online dating websites. It focuses entirely on serious relationships. Parship takes a unique scientific approach, that is, compatibility matching that is based on thirty years of research. Having its origins in Germany, has millions of members and a lot to offer for its members. Parship operates in ten European countries.

The reason for parship being one of the largest websites is that, a recent survey has shown that, it has got one of the best success rates for matches, making it very popular among singles. Many online dating sites cater for a broad spectrum of members either looking for friendship, casual fun or a more serious commitment but Parship is dedicated only for serious relationships. If you desire a lifetime of meaningful relationships, Parship leads you to the perfect match, who you would love spend the rest of your lifetime with.

Parship Snapshot

Key features

  • Mainly for people looking for long lasting relationships
  • Based on a psychometric test
  • Interesting compatibility test
  • Slightly expensive
  • A lot of coaching and tips on dating
  • No instant messaging
  • No video/audio chatting
  • Very secure

Deign and navigation:

Parship’s website has very subtle and romantic kind of an environment with a grey and maroon theme. The home page is very neat displaying the offers available, a few details on matchmaking and dating with parship and links to a few of their success stories.

Parship matchmaking site’s is also used as the engine for many of the other dating sites like The Evening Standard. Parship claims that it is unique as it makes use of the complex matchmaking compatibility tests. But the fact is, it is not that unique, as this type of matchmaking sites are growing popularly online. Some of the other competing dating sites such as PerfectMatch and Eharmony make use of similar models.

One thing that we noticed, really funny about the site is that, for each navigation, each new page you navigate during the compatibility test, it asks for your mailID and password. It is very easy for one to loose his/her patience. Adding to the disaster, it tends to ask the questions repeatedly. We hope Parship designers do something about this as soon as possible, else we are sure that many of its anticipating users would loose their patience during registration itself and leave the process in half way.

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Profile and its Quality

Unless you take a personality test and register for free, you will not be able to view any of the profiles. This is very normal with most of the dating sites that emphasis on the privacy of its members. Parship helps you to write an original and accurate profile by giving you handy tips and advice. So, even people who are not that good at writing at their own words are sure in succeeding here.

The first step is very simple and all that you have to enter is, your sex, the gender you are looking for, email ID and a password. Once this is done, you will be asked to take a free compatibility test. This free compatibility test is based on 30 years of research and 30 aspects of your personality before it matches you with your recommended partners. The feature tries its best to match you with people who could be genuinely compatible with you. The complete test takes you just around 15 minutes, only if it does not asking for username and password for 100 times, and has some questions that will make you analyse yourself.

The questions are itself quite interesting, for instance, “Irrespective of where you live now, where would you most like to live?” , “In addition to love and affection, what are your main reasons for desiring a relationship?”, Which statement should be most applicable to your ideal partner? , Which factors are most likely to interest you in a partner? etc. They are either very simple, strange and a few are very difficult to answer. You will be allowed to give a maximum of three answers for a few questions. This Insightful psychometric profiling means that PARSHIP successfully matches people who are genuinely compatible.

The compatibility test comes as three parts, namely “reactions and views”, “picture pairs” and “behaviour and interests”. The example questions that we had mentioned above come under this category. The second category, that is, in “Picture Pair”, you will be given a pair of strange images and strangely, you have to choose the one that you prefer. The last section of personality test called “Behaviour and interests” includes questions like ‘Which of these sounds appeal to you the most?’ and the answers to chose from are 1, The sound of the saxophone 2, The sound of the violin and 3, The sound of the piano.

It takes a while to answer these questions. Once the compatibility test is done, you will finally have free access to a list of members that Parship recommends for you. The list of automatically generated partners gets constantly renewed and so you can keep up to date with the new users in the site. All the profiles are presented with a little percentage icon next to their name that has the compatibility score. This will prove to be handy in the selection process. On browsing through the matches, we were able to find that there were a lot of profiles without photos uploaded and certain profiles, incomplete, which is not a good sign at all.

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Pricing and corresponding details

Though Parship says that viewing of the profiles are completely free, you do not get to see much of them as you will have to subscribe to view their images and have a look at the “about me” information. Only these basic information give you a basic idea about what kind of people you could expect in the site. So, here lies the catch and hence, the viewing of profiles is only 25% free.

So, the following are what the freebie lovers can get out of Parship. The Parship compatibility test results, a profile, the ability to send receive icebreakers and receive requests for contact details.

Parship’s fees are a little higher when compared to similar sites. But one thing that has to be kept in mind is that, the psychometric test is a service in itself. The minimum membership cost for one month is £35. For three months, the subscription fee is £57 for 3 months and for a period of six months, the fee is, £84. This is reoccurring so be sure to cancel your subscription if you do sign up and do not want to continue. We have read a few user’s complain about this not being made clear to members.

Bulk membership for is relatively cheap as you get a month’s access for £19 when the subscription is for 3 months and £14 per month in 6 months subscription. With the premium membership, you get to send contact requests, share photos, get a detailed personality analysis, and to avail of the Contact Guarantee if you sign up for 6 months. All the fees are one-off payment and you can pay either using cards or click and buy.



Free Registration  

1 month subscription £ 35  
3 month subscription £ 57  
6 month subscription £ 84  

Mode of Payment
Credit debit cards

Features and exclusives of the site

Psychometric test :

The Psychometric test or the compatibility test takes into consideration the factors that aid in creating a successful relationship, that explores personality, behaviour, attitude and values. A compatibility score is given based on this test. You will get full and comprehensive results only if you are a premium member.

Search functionality:

The search functionality of Parship is reasonable. The search criteria gets saved the very first time you join the site and so you will not be forced to repeat it. If any new people who match your search criteria join the site, they will also be added to the suggested list of partners. However, if you which, you can always change your search criteria. You will be allowed to search for partners in the other Europian countries apart from UK too. A full search functionality allows you ti search based on age, height, smoker/nonsmoker, children and location.

Last logged in feature:

Though the profiles without photos and incomplete ones disappoints, there are a few features that allow you to make wise moves too. You will be able to see when the members had last logged in. on that basis, most of the profiles seem to be quite active.

Free tips and coaching:

Parship also offers free coaching for singles and loads of tips on what makes a dating successful. Singles coaching ensures that Parship’s members find the love of their life. This is a free coaching but only for the premium members. The coaching itself is a good value for money and gives hope for those who have lost confidence as far as dating is concerned. Parship has a dedicated coach who can be contacted through email, or be telephoned between 4pm-8pm on a Monday. As the expert advice is specific to your situation, it should greatly improve your chances of entering a relationship in the future. They offer Dating Detox service that is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Track visits:

The section of track visits show the other parship members who have clicked over your profile. There is also an option for you to hide your tracked visits and make your profile anonymous. You could completely hide your profile too.


Icebreaker, a feature that is common in most of the dating sites is available in Parship too. But it is quite different from a “wink”. It is actually a mini multiple choice quiz which is really a cool, fun way to get in touch. It also helps in finding if you and your potential date are in the same wavelength.

Contact Guarantee:

Parship offers the Contact Guarantee offer for six months subscribers, which means, after 6 months of membership you have not sustained contact with 10 other members, you get 6 more months free.

Contact request:

Parship promises to give you complete security and discretion. Its secure service does not allow the other members to contact you freely. First of all, a contact request must be sent and once this request is approved, then only you could message freely to each other.

Secure photo display:

As in the case of contact request too, member’s profiles do not come automatically with a photo. The members have the freedom to decide if they want to share their image with others. Your uploaded photos appear in a rather blurry preview format, so it only gives an impression of what you look like. You can then release your proper photo to a contact if you want her/him to see it clearly.


Members can even reject contacts and interaction with other members, famously known as, “blocking”. This is a very important feature for safety consciousness.

Other features:

Parships keeps sending email alerts suggesting profiles that are compatible with that of yours.

Parship has a feature that enables you to have private notes on other members.

You will be able to make your own list of favourite profiles.

Parship has options to release personal photos.

It is really disappointing to know that Parship does not offer instant messaging or audio/video chatting options.

Site exclusives
Mailing Yes
Restriction on num of snaps Yes
You were viewed by feature Yes
Online status history Yes
Refined searches Yes
Instant messaging Yes
Webcam / video conferencing Yes
Blocking Yes


Parship is a well established dating site that strives to find long term relationships for its members rather than offering just a few dates. It will be a great site for the ones who are looking for a matchmaking style dating and on that basis, Parship seems to have ticked most of the boxes. Cost wise, the site is just not a trouble. The site seems dedicated to helping users find a date through enriched facilities such as the Psychometric Test and Singles Coaching. Members security is also high on the agenda, with many safety-related features to provide members with peace of mind. Parship is, therefore, great for those who are less confident about relationships and those who have not experienced dating for a while, or those would like a match based dating service.

Some highlights from user reviews

Some users feel that there are a few people as Parship members who possess more than one profile and pretend to be different. There are also complaints that Parship renews the subscription without any warning. So be careful and keep the date you joined in mind and set a reminder to be on the safer side.

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