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In these days of overwhelming speed and fast paced lifestyle, we lose the intimate and heart rendering relationships that were once normal and standard fixtures in one’s life. Suddenly, the drive to search your soul mate becomes almost overbearing. But cautiousness is of utmost importance and the perfect solution is a standard and organized dating service which gives you the perfect chance to do things at your own leisure. is one such dating service which has almost over twenty millions of paid and free members. This dating service was founded in 1995 by the InterActiveCorp and is located in the United States of America. It has an almost 14 solid years of online dating service experience. The countries that are mainly covered by its services are US, UK and Canada. It has the largest number of UK members than any other subscription dating site. also powers the dating sites for many of the other large UK brands such as Yahoo, MSN and The Sun.

Key features

  • Largest UK membership subscription online dating site
  • Good popularity
  • Unique personality tests
  • Mobile dating services
  • Make love happen offer
  • Real life events
  • Quizlets
  • Keyword search
  • Too many ads
  • Lots of extra charging involved
  • No video conferencing

Special offers Internet Dating website boldly announces that if that special partner could not be found in the six-month subscription period, then another free six month trial period is offered, which gives you a great deal of confidence.

Design and Navigation

The dating site is extremely easy to use. You can see who are online at that time with all their photos displayed in the homepage itself. From your homepage you can see a list of everyone who has visited your profile, sent you an email or winked at you, but make sure you archive your emails and add people to your favourites list otherwise Match will wipe the information after a few weeks.

One of the most annoying thing with the website is that, there are a lot of annoying advertisements all over the site that at times even blocks what you actually intend to read. When users find it intolerable, they would just sign off the site, which is not going to do any good to the site.

The site is well design is good and you will have no troubles with the navigation.

Design of the site  
Ease of use of the site  

Profile and its Quality

Creating your profile in might be time consuming but the whole process will be interesting as you will get to know more about yourself and the type of person you are in search of. There are lot of interests that you can write up yourself, describing your likes and dislikes, your job, ethnicity, education, favourite pastimes etc, all of which helps to create a better picture of who you are and the kind of things you enjoy doing.

Member-profiles come in from all walks of lifestyles, religion and ethnicity and all kinds of relationships are accepted. There are special communities like the gay, lesbian and the senior persons and there is a special-community dating service to them too.


The signing up in this online dating service offers you an exciting free unlimited trial period which you can use to browse through profiles and receive automatic matches.

The signing up process is highly comprehensive and extensive details are collected about you and the person searched for. You have to fill in the explicit details about your age, gender, address, phone number etc and then followed by more about your looks, appearance and personality, character, values and interests in life, dos and don’ts, wants and unwants, and then what is expected from the partner. After the signing up process is complete with a detailed description and heading, there is a profile spotlight tag option to use. All it takes is about a 20-minute effort to find your true match from It is easy and comfortable because the site does not force you to fill in details that you don’t want to disclose.

This online dating community site also permits about 26 digital pictures to be uploaded and even helps you to choose the best picture. The pictures could also be emailed to their site for uploading. The uploading of pictures may take a while as they have to be reviewed for obscenity or inappropriate sketches.


You will be allowed to add video to your profile. But, the most annoying fact is that, you will be charged for viewing other peoples video even if you are having the subscription. Ridiculous! Instead can charge users to post their video, that seems to make much more sense.

Members Percentage: It is also exciting to know that the female members are nearly 57% and the male members round up to 43%. Even though the members age vary from 18 to almost 90 years, the higher ratio of age group is 35 plus which comprises about 65% of the total members.

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Pricing and corresponding details

This American online dating service is a bit costly when compared to its competitors but is completely geared up for really finding you the best partner. The entire site is appropriately coordinated in such a way and that is the secret of success behind.

Subscription plans:

The singles online dating service offers both the trail or free subscription and the paid membership in US dollars. The free members do not have a specific time period for their memberships but do have certain stipulation in their usage.

The free or trail subscribers have no time limitations and can post a detailed profile with pictures and can correspond with an IM chat or send a wink or receive emails, and use other options like quizzes and articles that are offered.

Paid subscribers enjoy all the benefit of the free subscribers and also have complete access to all the members and are allowed to email anyone. They can have their own instant messaging sessions. They can avail the blocking options and can undergo two of the personality and physical compatibility tests. They have concession in the cost of admission fees towards attending a Match Events or Match Travel tours. There is an automatic renewal reminder just 2 days before the expiry.

Extras: internet dating service providers have a list of services which demands you to pay extra other than what you had already paid for the subscription. You will have to pay extra if you will have to view others profile videos, to send voice mail, which is limited even after paying, to get advice from a advisor, for others to text you to your mobile. What do they really mean by subscribing?

Security and safety:

It provides one of the best customer care and service. There are no errors or loop holes let loose and it is completely reliable, utterly honest and totally safe with the personal details of the members.

This internet dating site from automatically hints you about the renewal time.

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1 month subscription £22.80  
3 month subscription £ 44.65  
6 month subscription £ 65.25  
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Mode of Payment
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Features and exclusives of the site has robust and rich set of features, but some of them cost higher than what you pay for the subscription.

Extensive searching options:

The site helps you in finding your match through online. It sets out a connection page which enlists all your contacts, to and from. Also a custom search with the same features in looks and lifestyles are set apart along with the persons who reach out to you based on the details given by you. Mutual matches and interest tags to your profiles could help you in your search and they could also be saved if interested.

To find your perfect match you can also use the automated matching service or the photo gallery with which you can make your choice. There are additional options like the advanced search or the quick search or the smart matching. One can also go online and choose the match by narrowing down to who lives close to your area or who is basically with the same interests or selective age group etc. website uses various types of searches like the standard, customized, speed match in a party or a club night, phone match and even arranges events at different cities to meet and arrange tours to interact with other members. The search results are clean and well-organised. Ten results are listed in each page, each of the results in a separate frame, along with details such as the username, age, location, location, age of who they are seeking, subject header, and description.

Keyword search is a feature that makes stand apart form the other dating sites. The way it works is you type in a word or interest and the system searches matches where the other person has mentioned that in their profile. One of the best inclusions in the search category is that, allows you to state the age range of the partner you are seeking. This is especially a good feature because, this avoids the 20 year olds getting proposals from 50 year olds. This is one of the most essential features and we reckon that, the other online dating sites must also adopt this.

Another great feature is the ‘saved search’ button, which enables you to save certain details, so that, you will not have to keep entering all your requirements each time you want to make a search. It is also really handy to see the last time the user has been active online in the search view.


When you intend to mail some one who you are interested in, a user friendly email screen appears that displays the photo of the person along with their self description. The screen also gives you some very useful tips to impress the person you are mailing. As the first impression matters a lot, its better if you just go through the tips. Once you have completed mailing, automatically lists the other profiles that are similar to the profile that he had just mailed to. Some people might like it, but some
may not.

Personality test and self discovery: allows you to know yourself better with the help of its personality survey and quizlets. The quizlets are known as self discovery, which are easy to complete and the results are real fun to view. There are dozens of them available that range from “are you a snob?” to “is your honey high maintenance?”

Winking: allows you to send winks. But the management of the winks option is poor because, you will be able to send winks, but you cannot delete the ones that you had sent, only the person you has received it can erase it to their wish. Another issue with the winks is that, once you have sent the wink, it may take a day or two for the receiver to get it. We feel that the winks must be instant and this is one of the main areas where has to certainly improve.


It also offers a blocking option if you do not wish to encourage a particular person or persons. You can also hide your profile option from free viewing. A very nice handy feature is ‘remove profiles’ which enables the user to mark the profiles they no longer want to come across in the search.

Ways to establish communication:

After the signing up and search options are organized, all the emails are directed to your inbox. There are options for email, instant chats, phone calls and meeting directly also. Some of the get-togethers are organized by itself. So it is perfectly safe. All groups varying from homosexuals, heterosexuals, friend-finders, casual dating, and search your soul mate is made easy with this wide network of profiles from this comprehensive online dating service.

Great customer care:

The online dating service from provides you a complete customer care at all hours. There is a live customer care and service representative who attends instantly or with a phone number that could be contacted. You can also send your request through email or webpage instantly or send it through a regular mail service. The site actively responds to all these queries equally and there is also an FAQ service. The site gives you little tips and examples on how to actively use the online dating service to the maximum.

One can make use of the flirtatious winks and the special quizzes to know about you and others who suit you.

Speed match:

One can also schedule an online speed match session and talk to four other members through phone for only 4 minutes. This is becoming more popular and seems to be a unique feature of the only.

Site exclusives
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Instant messaging
Webcam / video conferencing
Blocking’s campaign:

“We’re the biggest, so there’s someone for every single person. No matter what your type. Over 75% of our members are looking for the person that will change their life. We’ve inspired twice as many marriages as any other site. That has a nice ring to it.”

Some highlights from user reviews

One major point that most of the users feel is that, is greedy. As, we mentioned in our review, a lot of advertisements, costly memberships, additional costs for using the features, higher cost for UK members than US, and so on. With a lot of free dating sites available, are going to suffer, if they continue this agenda. Another issue is that, they do not give you any intimation that your membership is about to get over and once the time period has elapsed, they charge you automatically and will not refund you too, an indication of a clever and bad invoice system.

On the positive side, users are happy to see real profiles of people who are looking for serious relationships and not fake ones.

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