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eHarmony Online Dating Website

eHarmony was founded in 2000 by relationship expert Dr. Neil Clark. eHarmony dating service is without a doubt a very unique dating site. You can say from the very first “GO” that they are very serious about the business. Though this site too, is based on a matching criterion, the base of the compatibility matching is different. According to eHarmony’s concept, they say that there are hundreds of dimensions that each individual has and just by cross analysing these dimensions, the service creates a great deal of highly compatible matches for its members.

Key features

  • A unique site.
  • A serious site for serious relationship seekers.
  • A very expensive site.
  • Matches are presented based on the profile.
  • Self searching cannot be done.
  • Communication can be established only with the other singles who are paid members.
  • For heterosexuals only.

The Basic Philosophy behind eHarmony:

With eHarmony, you will not be able to pick the profiles you are interested on, by just seeing them, which is the case in most of the other dating websites. Lacking of this feature might be a boon for some of the users, but some may find it totally annoying and would get the feel as though they are being restricted from viewing their other possible interests. One of the greatest advantages of this system is that, single men or women for that matter, looking for quick one night stands are highly unlikely to sign-up with eHarmony as the website’s basic focus is more relationship oriented than the visual free for all. And most of the men simply do not like and so not have the patience to analyse their inner self. And hence, eHarmony has managed to establish something that no other online dating site has. That is, eHarmony is the only dating service to be having twice as many women than the number of men. On most of the sites the female, male ratio is 30:70, said that, eHarmony has managed make ladies outnumber the gentlemen.

So all that we would like to put forward is that, for men who are searching for a serious relationship, search no more, eHarmony is the best way to find the love of your life. And in the side of the women, they can rest assured that the men on the site will know how to use the right side of their brains as they must have been through the analysing process themselves in detail, the personality test taken by every other person in the site.

Design and navigation:

The website design of eHarmony is simply clean, uncluttered and gives you a very professional feel. Navigation is extremely easy and you will be immediately taken to the signup page. The very onset makes it clear that you are in a match making site.

Design of the site  
Ease of use of the site  

Profile and its Quality

When you first sign-up with eHarmony dating site, you will be asked to complete an in depth personality survey, that will cost you at least an hour to complete. Creating a profile, or to be very accurate, putting together your personality profile, as mentioned above is extremely time consuming. It has questions on the hundreds of dimensions that eHarmony thinks, is important for compatibility and then uses your responses to match you with the other members of eHarmony. There will be a lot of boxes to tick on, and nothing much to write on your own.

The first page includes the standard information like, age, sex, etc and then from the second page, you get to start on a questionnaire. You will be given a question and then you have to choose by picking a number between 1 and 7. These questions are basically for the benefit of the site as it is mostly regarding your preferences on the features of dating sites. Even if you feel the process of answering these questions tiresome, there is not option for you to save the questionnaire and return to the site later. Hundreds of questions later, you will receive your free personality profile and then you get to choose to pick a free trial or pick a subscription.

The only interesting advantage of forcing the members to do a detailed analysis is that, it will allow some of the people to discover themselves. This process gives you a better insight on what you actually want. And once this process is completed, you will be given a list of its members who are highly compatible with your ways of living. The list of matches is updated regularly and these matches are supposed to be highly compatible with you, completely based on the scientific relationship research. eHarmony makes sure that the match definitely cross checked with the 29 Vital Dimensions that deal with emotional health, family values, personality and character.

Level of details  
Can you leave some fields blank?  

Breaking the ice:

Once you become a premium member, you can request to establish communication with any of your matches and then if the other person agrees, you will be taken through a three step process before you can even mail the person openly. The step one is that, a set multiple choice questions. Here, you get to select five personality or character or relationship oriented questions from a predetermined list. And the other person gets to answer those set of questions and the same is done by the match. The second step is that, you have to submit a “must have and must not have” in a partner like chemistry, loyalty and the things that you just cannot stand in a partner like rude, racist etc. And the final step is that, you can submit three “open ended” questions that the other person gets to answer. These three questions, either you can review on your own or select from a list of predetermined questions. And finally, you can establish open communication with the match that you chose to talk with.

If you are just not interested in this long way of “Ice Breaking”, you can choose the “Fast Track” option. This is nothing but a plain old email.

The statuses of your matches are indicated using a symbol. A green explanation point means that the person is a new match for you, a yellow coloured ‘H’ means that the match has put you on hold, which means they might be actually interested, but are pursuing match. And the last symbol is a red coloured cross which means that the person has closed you, which means that they are not interested in you and you will not be able to communicate with them any further.

Pricing and corresponding details:

By just getting to know how careful eHarmony is, when letting you to know about a match, we can say without any hesitation that this dating service is simply the best when it comes to serious relationships. But unfortunately, the site has got a few quirks too and there are two main ones which are really bad.

The first one is that, eHarmony forces you to be its member to communicate with a match who is trying to contact you and vice versa. This means you will have to pay £34.95. This is not a fair play by the dating service. They can at least allow you to communicate with a match that you prefer, without you having to worry about your match becoming a paid member or not. The second tricky qualm is that, eHarmony promotes a seven days trial offer and in order to get this offer, you have to give them your credit card information because, they will be billing you for the first month immediately, once the seven days trial period is over.

But the good news is that for the trial period of seven days, you will get a full membership and so, you will have ample time to check out properly all the merits and demerits of the site before you make a decision about joining the site and paying the hefty membership fees.


Free Registration  
Value for money  

1 month subscription £ 34.95  
3 month subscription £ 59.85  
6 month subscription £ 89.70  
12 month subscription £ 119.40  

Mode of Payment
Credit cards


Features and exclusives of the site

Not a lot of options:

Having no much option to browse on your own and look for compatible matches, it keeps your choices pretty low and you will find it to be very restricting. If you want to have a look at a fresh set of profiles, you will have to adjust the “Match Search” categories accordingly and so, everything is not very simple and straightforward.

No proper searches:

There is no regular “Search Profiles” feature in eHarmony. As we had said earlier in the review, you even do not get to see them all. You will have to decide whether to establish communication or not, only with the set of profiles that the service says is compatible with that of yours.

There is simply nothing for us to put on the side of extras for eHarmony, apart from the detailed profile filling. There is no instant chatting, no audio or video messages, just nothing. This can be either seen as being “Straightforward” or even as “Featureless”.

Site exclusives
Restriction on num of snaps
You were viewed by feature
Online status history
Refined searches
Instant messaging
Webcam / video conferencing

eHarmony’s campaign:

The campaign of eHarmony states that “At eHarmony, we deliver more than just dates. Our patented Compatibility Matching System narrows the field from thousands of single men or single women to match with a highly select group of compatible singles — singles who have been pre-screened on 29 Dimensions of Compatibility: scientific predictors of long-term relationship success. Why spend hours browsing through personal ads and searching the Internet when you do not have to? It is our goal at eHarmony to match you with the best possible person for you and we are eager to provide you with the best dating experience that we possibly can.”

Some highlights from user reviews:

While some of the user reviews has over whelming support for the site, some of them are completely shattered by the experience. Some of the major complaints include the quality of the members in the site and the expensiveness of the service.


eHarmony sets itself apart by simply being different. According to us, they must do away with forcing both the people to sign-up in order to communicate. But as far as the service is concerned, their execution is nearly flawless. They have taken online dating to levels that present a much better experience for the singles. The quality of the members in the site are exceptional and the overall experience will be rewarding. A very important point to know about eHarmony is that, the site does not support homosexuals. eHarmony has policies that supports its slogan “Fall in Love for the right reasons”.

Our overall Rating for eHarmony


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