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Easy Flirt UK is a rapidly growing network that is a part of the dating network that already has a very strong presence in most of the other areas of the world. Easy Flirt is a very extensive network with over ten million members worldwide who are looking for love and friendship and in addition, this network has an average of a staggering 80,000 new members joining every week. This website is basically for the kind of people who would like to have an online dating experience that is both fun and flirty. The site has a lot of extra features to keep you entertained and hence could be just perfect for you. The site offers three different levels of dating which includes Romantic, Adult and Gay.

Easy Flirt Snapshot

Key features

  • Rapidly developing site
  • Over 10 million members throughout the world
  • 100% free for heterosexual women
  • Access to a mobile friendly site for dating on the move
  • Unique speed flirt functionality
  • Detailed history of the contacts you have made
  • Not a very user friendly design and navigation
  • Not a cheap subscription

Deign and navigation:

The first ever thing that Easy Flirt UK asks you to define is that, if you are at the website to simply flirt for a one night stand or looking for a soul mate. This question is very advantageous and clever in a lot of ways; if you have a sound mind and clear idea about what you are looking for, then the site will save you heaps of time from the timewasters. The second thing is that, you will not be caught up with the flirty folks and be disappointed if you are looking for a serious relationship. They have also got an option for gay, so they have almost covered all the categories, so, you will have a perfect selection of profiles.

Coming to navigation and ease of use of the site, the whole site takes a while to get used to. Though there are lot of features available, the way to use them is not very clear. If you take your time to navigate around the site and understand it, we are sure that you would go on to love it. But our verdict with the design is that, the site is strictly not for the technically challenged users. Easy Flirt still needs to improve a lot before it can challenge the likes of Loopylove and Match.com.

Design of the site  
Ease of use of the site  

Profile and its Quality

Creating the profile in Easy Flirt is pretty simple and straight forward. The profile creation will be a delight to you if you are not much of a creative and impressive writer as there is nothing much to write yourself, mostly it is just clicking on the correct boxes. But we have to mention that there a lot of answers that you have to give. Along with the usual online dating profile questions like height, weight, hair and colour, you will also be asked some more personal and fun questions like what kind of plant or animal you would wish to be. If you are a creative writer, do not feel deceived as you are also offered an option of writing short message about yourself to help entice the other UK singles to click on the profile. The check boxes allow you to describe yourself and the partner that you are looking for too. The free trial takes only about five minutes to setup and as soon as that is done, you can start getting the cheeky messages from the other members immediately. It is always better to spend more time on profile making as it is the best possible way to have a better choice of being contacted by the other UK singles during the trial period.

One of the coolest features of the site is that, once you have set in your profile what you are looking for, each time you log in, you will be offered with a selection of photos of people who match your search. And in addition to this, you will also see people who are looking for someone similar to you and the ones who are looking for the ones same as you. This little feature will save you a lot of time as you will not have to run the search engine each time.

Level of details  
Can you leave some fields blank? Yes  

Pricing and corresponding details

One of the most surprising offers of the Easy Flirt site is that, you actually get to send and receive and most importantly, read and reply to them without subscribing to the full membership. If you are already excited, wait to read more, as long as you are heterosexual, you will also get to use the live chat feature for free. We can hear you murmuring, what is that catch? Yes! There is one. Well, it turns out that the unsubscribed members will have to collect points that give them an opportunity to send messages and “Kisses”. So, if you do not possess any points, you will not get any access too. By being a free member, you get to view only few profiles per day. So, here is what you can enjoy if you subscribe to the site; unlimited access to live chat and written messages and you can also write messages that are 10 times longer than what you might get for free. By being a free member, you would also get a priority validation of your profile and even the access to customer service. Easy Flirt UK online dating service is really a great option for the female members as they get to use most of the features for free and the features include some important ones like chat and mail; the only condition being that they have to be heterosexual.

The full access to the site starts at about £12.41 which offers you unlimited use of the site with no hidden fees.

Free Registration  

Three day trial £ 3  
1 month subscription £19.95  
3 months subscription £ 54.90  
6 months subscription £ 75.70  
Free for Hetrosexual women  

Mode of Payment

Features and exclusives of the site

The useful points:

Once you join, you will get about 100 points and can get a few more of them if you enter the phone number in the site and record the voice sample. The more information you give in the profile, more will be the number of points that you will get. In case you have used up all the points and still unsure about using the site, you can go on to purchase a 24 hour subscription for three Euros.

The search feature:

Easy Flirt has an easy and extensive search feature. This feature can also be used during free trial and the ideal choices to create the date can be eye colour, hair colour, star sign and profession. You get the option to choose the members who are online at the same time you are, and then you can order your search by date of registration , the date the person last logged in and their popularity too.

Speed Flirt:

The speed flirt feature of the site is just a quick way for you to browse through the possible dates and just making a mark that you are interested in meeting them. If the other person too is interested on you, both of you will be notified and you will be allowed to start the journey from then on. This allows you to see lots of different profiles in a very short space of time.

Voice messages:

The voice sample that you record via your mobile can be heard by the other members. This is a great way to have a sneak peak of sexy the voice of your date would be. You are also allowed to leave voice messages for the other members, instead of leaving them with the plain email messages, but this demands you to make calls to paid phone number, all of them costing about £1.50. If you have given your mobile number in the site, you will also receive a SMS that warns you of a vocal message that is waiting for you if someone has left one for you.


As we had mentioned earlier, the chat feature in the site is free for the heterosexual ladies, even if they do not have any kind of subscription. But note that, if they have to chat with the other girls, they too have to play first, before they get to access the chat feature. This is really a great feature for the girls in the site as they can talk to the person they want to, whenever they want, even without paying anything.

Other features:

Some of the other common features that the site offers include, the “Kisses” which are similar to winks, web cam chats, managing profiles, photos and live instant chatting.

Site exclusives
Mailing Yes
Restriction on num of snaps No
You were viewed by feature Yes
Online status history Yes
Refined searches Yes
Instant messaging Yes
Webcam / video conferencing Yes
Blocking Yes

Easy Flirt’s campaign:

Surprisingly, Easy Flirt does not say anything interesting about itself. All that it has to say is, “Want to date and meet singles online? Join Easyflirt now !

site includes
and unique dating tools. (These spelling mistakes [highlighted in yellow colour] are not ours… that is the way that the site has it. This again illustrates the poor maintenance of the site, which was evident in most of the areas of registration too.)

– Manage your profile

– Manage your photos

– Live


– Chat live with other members

– And more ! …

Registration is free and allows you to join hundreds of online singles.

Some highlights from user reviews

Most of the user reviews have been positive. They feel that the site is real fun to use and interesting. To point out, we saw a couple of user reviews stating that they had real trouble unsubscribing from the service.

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