How to Get Noticed In Online Dating

How to Get Noticed In Online Dating

Online dating is the in-thing nowadays and more people are still joining. There are those who use the online dating sites with an intention of finding a life time partner while others simply use it for the fun of making new friends or for short term relationships. Whatever the reason you may have for using the online dating site, the fact is that you want someone to notice you. Going by the current high number of people seeking partners on the online dating sites, getting noticed is not easy.

Ways to get noticed

Getting noticed online is not rocket science. There are several ways in which you can enhance personal profile on the online dating sites and get noticed by the exact partner you wish for.

Post the right photos

Post the wrong photo and you will never get noticed by the kind of people you would wish for, it’s that simple. Using just any photo may not work either; you need to use the right photo. The photo you use should show the viewer enough details to enable him get interested in you. Use your own photo, not somebody else’s. The photo should be clear and of a good resolution so that it will still be clear once posted on the net. Posting several photos is better than posting just one photo. One of the photos should be a close up photo of you that clearly shows the face. The rest should be photos of you doing something that tell more about your personality. For instance a photo of you jogging will tell the other partner that you are a person who engages in physical exercises.

Choose catchy headlines

No one will visit an online dating site to read everything. They rush through profiles reading only those that catch their eyes. One of the surest ways to catch a reader’s attention is using catchy headlines. These headlines should provide enough information to catch his attention and encourage read further. This means the headline has to stand out from the rest. Informative and unique headlines are the best way to enhance a personal profile.


Be active, not passive .

It is irritating to read an online dating profile that goes on and on about what the writer would not want. For instance you may find a person writing that they don’t want a date who is fat, unemployed or some other not so attractive trait. The problem with this kind of writing is that you end up sounding discriminative or even offending the same people you would wish to date.

Give true information

In online dating, true information always works. Online dating sites use the information you give them to try match you up with other people who they think the information matches yours. When you give true information, not necessarily sensitive information, it improves the probability of being matched up with someone with whom you share a lot in common.

Leave a little to imagination

Don’t divulge everything about yourself on your dating profile. Knowing too much about you will make your partner lose interest in you.
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