BeNaughty Dating Site

BeNaughty Dating Site

“We are serious about fun” is the punchline of and there can be nothing more funny or serious at the same time! As the name of the site indicates BeNaughty is especially designed for singles with just flirting in mind. Since that is the case, less importance has been given on romance and more care has been taken to add spice to the proceedings. Though your actual intensions are not to find the soul mate, you will still benefit from the online dating features such as email, free online dating search, audio and video tools, and more.

Without doubt, the site is one of the rising stars in dating sites as traffic flowing onto site clearly shows. It provides niche services of casual meet-ups with like-minded members. You can register as single or even couple and there is scope for even the most-broad minded adult in UK. It is open to all straight, bisexual, gay and lesbian. With over three million active members, complete with sexy profiles including as many photos as you like, BeNaughty offers innumerable possibilities to make the perfect match.

Key Features

  • Open to all sex types and interests
  • Thousands of saucy and explicit member photos
  • Number of forums and chat rooms
  • Anonymous contact options including email, chat, and instant messaging
  • Wink and video chats
  • Profile highlighting, text alerts and free messaging (for additional cost)
  • NaughtyShop shopping experience for a range of interesting and sexy naughty items
  • Block and Deactivation options
  • Complete privacy protection
  • Excellent technical features
  • Mobile billing facility

Design and Navigation

The site is quite easy to use as it possesses the standard menus across the top of the page and down the left hand side. It does have an intuitive layout, meaning you find things where you expect them to be, we found we were not searching all over the page to find the search, or the account. You need to like red if you use this site, the colour seems to jump out of the page at you.

Lastly, it is not all about finding a partner or playmate on Be Naughty. You can also enjoy tons of other things. There are surveys you can answer, and then you can compare your answers to those other people have come up with just for comparison’s sake. You can also participate in Be Naughty’s forums, where you can chat with other people and talk about what you think regarding certain issues and key topics.

Design of the site  
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Profile and its Quality

It is easy to join and you do not have to finish setting up your profile before checking out the profiles. You can make your profile as vague or as detailed as you like. You can be as open as you want to be about yourself or what you do or where you live or whatever it is. You can also make your search as detailed as possible-although of course doing that might also reduce your chances of finding more people. Either way, you can always change things from time to time and continue to tweak things so that you can increase your chances of success. The users seem to be very communicable, for example, whilst filling out this review we had 3 women try and contact us by sending an email, this does not sound much until you realise, this is with a totally blank profile (we had not filled in a thing). Does make you wonder if the contacts were genuine.

A couple of things are worth mentioning here is that, there is simply no point not finishing your profile; just have a picture of yourself ready for this sort of thing. Have a saved Word document with a ready-made profile for yourself. You know the sort of thing , like a ‘Headline’, a bit about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman. If you do not upload a photograph BeNaughty hits you with a pop-up telling you how many messages you have missed because girls have passed you by; pretty impressive. You can easily upload images in the following formats, on Click&Flirt: jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp. The site allows users to post their profiles with graphic content. Adult content is also accepted by administrators provided it is not too obscene. Once you have done this, it will take all of 5 minutes, you can then look around.

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Pricing and corresponding details

As with most of the current dating sites, the basic membership is free, but in order to get access to all the site’s features, you will have to upgrade to either gold or platinum membership. For women too, the service is free. With the basic membership, you just get to create your profile and search through the members and view their profiles. As far as the Gold membership is concerned, you get all the basic benefits with within 24 hours technical support, send and receive up to 50 mails a day, Engage in about 50 chat sessions per day, upload 5 photos and check out the photos of the other members and also return and check your mails for up to 60 days before being destroyed. The Premium Platinum membership offers technical support within 12 hours, send and receive unlimited mails per day, engage in unlimited chat sessions per day, upload unlimited photos and check out the photos of other members and it also allows you to return to your old emails up to a year.

While what you can do as a basic member is limited, upgrading is available at a fairly reasonable price for the longer duration subscriptions. At £7.50 a month, at its cheapest, it is well worth giving BeNaughty a go. Also, the ability to pay by mobile phone offers a discreet payment option which will suit many users. While this site is good at what it does, and has a significant number of members, it falls behind some of the sites that rate higher in our reviews in terms of cost to member ratio, which is the cost of the site is higher than others which have a great deal more members


Free Registration  
Value for Money  

Gold Membership  
1 Month £ 24.99  
3 Months £44.99 (£14.99/month)  
6 Months £ 59.99 (£ 9.99/month)  
12 Months £ 89.99 (£7.50/month)  
Platinum Membership  
1 Month £ 29.99  
3 Months £49.99 (£ 16.66month)  
6 Months £ 69.99 (£ 11.67/month))  
12 Months £ 99.99 (£ 8.33/month)  

Mode of Payment
Credit cards Mobile Phone

Features and Exclusives of the Site


The search feature of BeNaughty is quite rich with the basic search including parameters like Gender, “Looking for”, Orientation, Age, Location, Country, County, Profiles and photos only, length of membership, Sex CV?, Ability to travel?, Can accommodate?, and Online now?. The other search options include Username, Postcode search, Online Now Search and the Recently Online Search. With the free membership, you get to search the site on who is active on the site in a particular area and view their profiles alone. If you are a premium member, you can view full profiles, complete with the innovative (though not totally unique) Sex CV, to give more information about a user’s sexual preferences. One thing that is missing is the Quick Search on the pages, search is only available through a dedicated page, except for a “Members Online Now” link. Your searches can also be saved.

Our first impression with the BeNaughty site was that, it looks a lot like the fake dating sites that we have seen. We are not sure if they all use the same software, but it is the same sort of thing where they have obviously fake results to attract users. To begin with, if you go on any popular match making sites with real results, you get an idea of what kind of people are really on these sites in your area. The results on give us the feeling that they are not real, and more than likely just copied from other matchmaking sites. Listen, we know that chances are you are not going to find your future wife/Husband on a dating site. In fact, most of the time is just spent browsing anyway. But if they are not even real people, it is such a waste of time and makes both you and us feel even more pathetic than we did signing up in the first place. However, this might be the case of a very few and might not be the actual face of the site, you have to try, and guess what? You might get lucky.

Sex CV:

As we had mentioned previously, Sex CV is another feature of memberships and goes into specific details of preferences and fetishes.

Audio and Video Chat:

BeNaughty provides you with an opportunity to engage in video and audio chatting. The audio and video chat features on the site add an extra dimension to the whole experience, and with more than three million active users, there is always a great number of people online and waiting to chat.

Mobile Chat:
One unusual feature of BeNaughty website is that, if you wish, you can provide your cell phone contact details and have users send you a text message, voice mail or indeed, call you, for extra contact options. So you can be sure that even if they do not currently have access to their email or a PC then they will get your message wherever they are. This service is also open to Gold members. Because this is at your discretion, it does not damage your privacy settings either.

The NaughtyShop shopping allows you to pick up a few interesting products you might not find everywhere.

Flirtcasts are fun add-ons.

Site exclusives
Restriction on num of snaps
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Online status history
Refined searches
Instant messaging
Webcam / video conferencing

BeNaughty UK’s Campaign:

” BeNaughty is the fastest growing personals & online dating service in the world. With Millions of local singles waiting to meet you NOW! Find the perfect date, the newest love, or a committed relationship, or even something more exciting. BeNaughty personals is the best way to find that someone special. BeNaughty is a leader in connecting singles through our extensive personals dating service. BeNaughty is a safe dating service for singles, and a great place for people to have fun or even BeNaughty. Test the waters or finally meet that special someone for a long-term relationship. Our dating service is unmatched in the quality of dating service, privacy, and ability to search for singles, couples or men and women who match your personal tastes, ideals, and preferences. Best of all, you are completely free to search, browse and find people that you want, whether it is someone in the same city, or someone who lives in another country. BeNaughty is a unique online dating site full of thousands of singles near you”

Some Highlights from User reviews

Users claim that the site is “riddled with scams” and they say, as sure as the sun sits in the sky you WILL be scammed DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS. They also claim that it is a complete waste of time and money, there are too many fake accounts and spam bots on the sites, and women you send messages to hardly reply, and most of all! when you delete your account, it will not really be deleted and it will remain there.

It is not all grey on BeNaughty and there have been quite a few success stories too. A few users claim that within just three days of being in BeNaughty, they had found their special person. Things have seemed to work positively and there also have been quite a lot of “Move-ins”. Some even advice that, “Everybody out there – keep looking, because they say there is always someone for somebody. And I can say yes, there is. Just go for it!”

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