Be2 UK Review

Be2 UK Dating Website Review

Be2 is the latest player to enter the field of online dating that is already overflowing with fierce competition. The site was originally founded in Germany in the year 2004, but now, Be2 has expanded itself to over 37 countries, with over 24,201,839 registered singles at the time of writing. It claims to be so popular, that about 20000 members join this site every day. According to some of the leading industry monitoring agencies, Be2 has heaps of visitors from Europe and many other countries and also has a fast growth rate. The site emphasises more on helping people find their potential partners who possess compatible personalities and looking for some long term relationships. Being a science-based matchmaking dating service, Be2 Online Dating Site is designed in such a way so that it uses a scientific questionnaire to match people to find the user’s likes and dislikes. Be2 has lots of UK members throughout the country. This site is especially aimed at singles aged 35+, so most of them out there have no time to muck around and are serious.

Key Features

  • Simple website design
  • Easy navigation
  • Fastest growing online dating site
  • 1 month trail for just £5
  • Science-based matchmaking
  • Operates in 37 countries
  • Detailed profile
  • Extensive search facilities
  • Be2 Index
  • Can remain anonymous
  • Choose who can see your image
  • Complicated cancellation process
  • Hard to understand terms and conditions

Design and Navigation

Our first impression of the Be2 website was that, it has a very friendly interface and lot of information on how the site works as well as the benefits of joining the site. What we found to be interesting is that, on top of the site, it clearly states that the percentage of women members is relatively more than that of men.

We were not able to find the results of our personality tests once we were done with the questionnaire, and even when we did find it after a while, it was rather quite dull and not so accurate. The initial set of matches that Be2 had for us had nothing to do with our locality and most of them were on the other side of the country. However, there does exist a way by which you will be able to narrow your matches with various filters, and one such thing is location.

Design of the site  
Ease of use of the site  

Profile and its Quality

With Be2 Dating, you will not be able to browse the profiles on the site unless you fill out the personality test first, and becoming a free member on the site. This is similar to most of the major dating sites that emphasize the privacy of all its members. In the first part of this questionnaire, it asks about your behaviour and characteristics. The questions are mostly the common ones along with some new ones about your relationship with your family. These questions are of multiple choice ones, and are hence; quite easy to answer that you can do instinctively instead of pondering around. In the next part, Be2 asks about your personal details, such as appearance, job, location, and so on. Then, you can upload a photo before viewing the results of this test. This personality test has a success rate of over forty percent and, this test is based on about twenty eight variables that were developed through partnership as well as personality research. These variables are also considered to be important in how the relationship builds between a couple. This questionnaire has been developed with inputs from the quantitative research experts. Also you can create a free video profile which will help other users to see how you look and to get to know more about you.

We were quite surprised to find how quick the entire process is, for a science-based matchmaking online dating site, as most of the others are extremely tedious ones. You will also find a lot of lengthy descriptions you can provide about yourself, but note that, it is not absolutely necessary that you have to do it in the start itself. Your profile should be approved before you can access the complete feature set of the site. Typically, this process takes just 10 to 20 minutes.

Level of details  
Can you leave some fields blank?  

Pricing and corresponding details

With the free membership, you do get to browse through your matches, but strangely, their pictures are blurred. If you like the idea of keeping your picture private from the free members who may not be really serious, you will love Be2. And, as always, with free membership you will not be able to communicate to them in anyway. Once you have got the paid membership, you will get to view clear photos, send free texts and emails to your potential partners.

Be2’s membership is for a minimum period of three months. There is also a one month trial for £5, but it is actually a 6 months membership and will be paying about £149 for the next five months. The site does say that you will be able to cancel within 14 days, but we will be quite wary of this. The good news here is that, about 40% or more of the premium members are successful in going into a lasting relationship with someone else in the website.

Free Registration  
Value for Money  

1month free trial £5  
1month free trial with 6-month renewal £ 149.94 full  
3months subscription £ 29.99/month  
6months subscription £ 24.99/month  

Mode of Payment
Checks postal orders Visa
visa delta visa electron Mastercard
JCB switch/ maestro solo card


Features and exclusives of the site


The search feature is a very comprehensive one. The search features include search by member email address, name or nickname, gender and sexual orientation, country, state and city, marital status, whether or not a member has children, age range, height range, weight range, hair color, eye color, drinking preferences, smoking preferences, hobbies, date when profile was last updated / created and, you may also filter the search results for profiles that have video greetings attached.

Be2 Index:

The matching system of Be2 Index also works based on Be2 Index, which is based on some very complex calculations. This Index aids you to find out how well it compares with another person on the site.

Be anonymous:

Most users will like how they have the option to remain anonymous till they want, and also decide if any partner recommendation will be able to see their photo or not. This allows the users to maintain their privacy till they are sure that there are no issues if a possible partner gets to view the photo.

Web blog:

Be2 has a Web Blog, which allows its members to get the latest updates on the site and also, stay informed about the current happenings.

Hot or Not:

Hot or Not is one of our favourite features of Be2. With this feature, you can just pick a random person and rate him/her out of 10. Once you rate somebody, the system will present you with another profile for you to rate. This feature provides you with hours of entertainment, and this is one of the features that got us quite distracted too.

Handy features:

Be2 also has some very handy features that can be expected to be found on the other premium online dating sites. You get to video chat, see when a member last logged in, see when members last logged in, and also see who has added you to see if a member has added you to their favourite list, to see if they have read you mail and even the ability to see if they have even deleted it.

The Be2 Guarantee:

Be2 also give a guarantee that if you do not exchange messages with at least ten prospective partners, at the time of your Premium Membership. They will extend the membership free of charge until this happens.

Overall, the entire feature-set of Be2 was quite underwhelming. We were not able to find anything being offered that was not on the other matchmaking online dating website. Be2 shou;d have been much clearer and easier to understand, and cost less too.

Site exclusives
Restriction on num of snaps
You were viewed by feature
Online status history
Refined searches
Instant messaging
Webcam / video conferencing

What Be2 say about themselves:

be2 is based on a scientific model of analysis that uses psychological, anthropological and sociological criteria to assess the compatibility of two personalities. The method was developed over the course of two years in cooperation with psychologists and sociologists and contains the results of more than 60 years of relationship and personality research. A whole year was spent on the integration of research results into a questionnaire that allows an analysis via the internet. be2 focuses on seven relevant aspects of your personality. You will receive an evaluation of your personality test and a description of your ideal partner. We introduce members to you whose personality suits yours particularly well. Similarities are important for a good match, but the fact that partners should also complement each other is taken into consideration. You receive information about your compatibility with each member recommendation regarding “qualities & behaviour”, “attitudes & views” and “interests”. You also receive an extensive evaluation of each of these areas, as well as a graphic depicting similarities and differences.

Some highlights from user reviews

Browsing through the user reviews, we did not find too many positive ones. There were just too many unhappy consumers out there. The major complaints they had was with cancellation of the account. The one month trial for £5 is apparently quite dodgy, the terms and conditions cannot be understood even by a literature expert, let alone the mere mortals. You will not be able to cancel before 14 days, if not, they will charge you £149 to stay on it for the next 5 months, which you may not want.

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